• Multi-channel launch
    Share live to QQ, WeChat, QQ Zone, Friends Circle to watch, detonated live traffic.
  • Live system of webpage
    Desktop interactive live system platform, apply live website procedure such as Rumble Fish, Panda, Tiger Teeth, War Chess, etc.
  • Mobile live system
    Applied for Android and Iphone system, independent mobile APP, similar to cellphone live broadcast system such as Huajiao, Yingke, etc.
  • Overseas sharing channels
    Original facebook, twitter login broadcast and share live, open live new market.
  • Room type
    Password room, ticket room, time room and other options, no longer rigidly adhere to a single room type.
  • Interactive game
    Happy cowboy, pirate captain, Zhiyong three, lucky turntable and other five interactive games, bring you live new experience.
  • Family association
    Join the guild, guard your favorite anchor; create a family, create an exclusive live community, so that your live is no longer alone.
  • Online shopping mall
    Unique approach effects, exclusive members Liang number, fashion mall mounts, bring you the distinguished live experience.
  • Bidding function
    Live open auction function, auction items, auction K song, auction shopping, closer to the distance between the anchor and the fans.
  • Three distribution
    Unique directive invitation code, so you divided into bonuses to earn, to maximize the benefits, open the live share of the new model ......
  • Interactive with wheat
    New three interactive with wheat, anytime, anywhere dialogue, the real interactive live, instantly detonated your live room.
  • Short video recording
    Live and short video of the perfect integration, can also be a separate development of short video system, take you into a new field of live.